Save Sonakshi Paswan's life (TARGET AMOUNT IS 4,00,000, WE HAVE RAISED Rs 286436, PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR TARGET.


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Sonakshi, a young and carefree kid, was playing in the playground of her school when she fell from the swings, unconscious. The teacher quickly helped her up and called her parents, who took her home and treated her wounds. The family is originally from a village in Bihar and moved to Delhi 15 years ago in search of work. When Sonakshi was born, the doctors found a small hole in her heart and instructed her parents to immediately get her treated if she displays any anomaly in health vitals and that her treatment will happen once she turns 10. On approaching that age, the parents went to AIIMS and took a few consultations, where a Total Repair was recommended on her diagnosis of Small VSD. They took the earliest available appointment for this surgery, which was after a year. However, due to other medical emergencies in the family, they had to go back to their hometown and came back to Delhi only after 3 years, missing her appointment. Sonakshi is extremely sensitive to colds, has trouble breathing and faces frequent bouts of nosebleeds.

Sonakshi recalls an incident where her nosebleed was so severe that her whole pillow got soaked in blood.

Her uncle introduced her parents to the Child Heart Foundation, which they immediately approached and were amazed to find out that echo and consultancy were provided free of cost by Dr Vikas Kohli. Immediate intervention is required to help Sonakshi lead a normal life. Sonakshi and her father request you help them get the treatment she needs.

ESTIMATION: Rs. 4,00,000/- 

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